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Kerry Booth


How did you land your position at Fichtner?

I relocated to the north from a position at an aerospace firm in the south of England, that’s when I found Fichtner.

What does your job involve?

I do a fairly wide variety of things, I work with renewable legislation, keeping track of various government incentive programs. I’m tasked with being the company expert on what’s required on these programs.

I also work with financial modelling, waste mode modelling, as well as lenders due diligence - which is viewing contracts and technical details on behalf of lenders to determine if a project is viable, or help them get to the point where a scheme is technically and commercially viable.

What makes Fichtner a great place to work?

It’s a really interesting place to work based upon the variety of projects you can be involved with. In my previous job in aerospace you’d often work on one project for your entire career, due to the long design times, which can become monotonous.

It’s more interesting to move from project to project, broadening your knowledge base and taking what you’ve learned from one project then applying it to the next.

Why is Fichtner different from other engineering consultancies?

One of the things that I like about Fichtner is the size. Locally here we are just over 100 people however globally we have access to over 1600 people in 50 countries. In the UK that means we get to work quite independently which gives the feel of a smaller company, while still having the support of a much larger organisation.

This results in a less formal and regimented working environment. For example, if I have a problem and I want to discuss it with the managing director, I can walk into his office and talk to him. I’ve worked in large organisations in the past where everything is constrained by policies and governance, so Fichtner is a refreshing place to work!

What’s an interesting fact about yourself?

My family of three has five passports, and I’m a dual national, American and British.

What’s your biggest achievement?

I have to say my biggest achievement is my son. He’s one and half so I think managing to keep him going this long means I’m doing pretty well.

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