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Technical Adviser to Foresight

Technical Adviser to Foresight

22nd Feb 2018

Fichtner Consulting Engineers Ltd recently advised Foresight Group on its successful acquisition of a portfolio of projects from Material Change, a subsidiary of Heathpatch.

The acquisition involved two operational anaerobic digestion (AD) plants and seven composting facilities.The AD assets have a combined 2.8MW power capacity, export 450 cubic metres per hour of biomethane and treat 95,000 tonnes of agricultural waste, industrial and commercial food waste and energy crops per year.

Fichtner was appointed as Technical Adviser to Foresight, providing due diligence services for the acquisition. Fichtner provided a due diligence report, based upon site visits and a full data review, to a short timescale in line with our Client’s requirements.

Fichtner has now had significant involvement with 43 AD facilities in the UK and Ireland. Fichtner has a dedicated team of AD process experts, who fully appreciate the challenge of creating a bankable biological treatment project.

Our engineers have gained a depth of experience in a range of funding options from prudential borrowing to club bank financing and private equity. Our strengths lie in the calibre and experience of our staff in managing projects, and our drive to identify potential problems and find solutions to make projects financeable.

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