“Fichtner Consulting Engineers Ltd and CPI publish analysis into the practicality of electrifying the UK Paper Industry”

Decarbonisation of industry will be key to meeting the UK’s net zero goals, and the Confederation of Paper Industries (CPI) has been analysing the key opportunities and challenges that need to be addressed to decarbonise the UK Paper sector.

One of the leading ideas to decarbonise production within paper mills is to transition from natural gas to electrified heat generation. CPI recently produced a discussion paper to analyse the technical obstacles of this process.

As part of this analysis, our team was engaged to further explore the practicality and economics of switching from gas to electricity in UK paper mills. The report included a detailed review of the technical issues associated with providing upgraded connections from the grid, directly to paper mills. We are extremely pleased to have contributed to this discussion and look forward to seeing further development in this area.

For more information head over to CPI’s Press Release – https://bit.ly/3AYxLLh