“Fichtner Consulting Engineers Ltd Provides Engineering Services to Energy Dome’s CO2 Battery Commercial Demo Plant.”


Energy Dome has developed an innovative CO2-based long-duration energy storage system that uses a combination of compression expansion and thermal energy storage. The first CO2 battery (2,5 MW – 4 MWh) plant was installed and commissioned in Sardinia, Italy, to confirm the performance and storage capacity of the technology.

Our team was engaged to prepare testing protocols and witness performance tests that were successfully carried out in June 2022. We also prepared a thermodynamic model of the demonstration plant, which was validated using actual test data, and a thermodynamic model of the larger commercial plant of similar design (20 MW – 200 MWh), validating the performance expected by Energy Dome.

We are extremely pleased to have contributed to the development and assessment of this energy storage technology and look forward to seeing further development in this area.