Spotlight: Bo Jiang

For our first team spotlight of 2024, we sat down with Bo Jiang, a valued consultant based in our Stockport head office. Bo joined Fichtner in 2022 and has since become an integral part of our team, providing expert support to our clients through her extensive knowledge in comprehensive power system studies. Her expertise is instrumental in helping our clients navigate grid connections and industrial networks. Read on to learn more about Bo’s project work, career highlights, and what motivates her below!

Q: What inspired your career path into engineering? 

My father has been my greatest inspiration in pursuing a career in engineering. He is a physics professor at a university. Since I was very young, he introduced me to the fascinating world of science, often taking me to various laboratories. One of my most vivid memories is my dad sharing a crucial piece of knowledge with me in a lab: if both feet are at the same voltage, one can safely touch a high-voltage wire without receiving an electric shock. When I cautiously tested this theory and found myself unharmed, my curiosity was ignited. This curiosity and desire to understand the ‘why’ and ‘how’ of things naturally led me down the path to engineering.

Q: Tell us a bit about your role within the Power Systems Analysis team, what areas/technologies do you focus on? 

In my role within the Power Systems Analysis team, I focus on conducting comprehensive studies to ensure the safety of power systems operation, especially with the integration of new generation sources like solar, wind, and battery storage.

My work involves detailed simulation modelling which helps in predicting system behaviours and managing risks associated with grid connection. I’ve successfully supported numerous clients in their grid connection process.

Q: How does your project work contribute to a sustainable future for the UK & Ireland? 

Net Zero is a substantial target out there for all energy related businesses. My work provides studies and insights on the feasibility and safety of connecting renewable energy into the power systems. This is an important step to achieve energy transition to a less fossil fuel dependent future.


Q: Can you tell us about a particular project highlight during your time at Fichtner? 

During my time at Fichtner, one of the standout projects I had the privilege to work on was the Cleve Hill Solar Park. My role in this project has been multifaceted, involving conducting various steady-state and dynamic power system studies, and managing the User Data File Structure of this project, which is the key interface between the owner’s engineer (Fichtner) and National Grid.

Cleve Hill Solar Park isn’t just any project; it’s a massive undertaking, combining advanced solar and battery storage technology. It is one of UK’s largest solar farms with battery storage, with the registered capacity of 350MW. It has the potential to power over 91,000 homes!

Q: What is the best piece of advice you would give to someone looking to kickstart their career in electrical engineering? 

Be curious. Let your desire to explore guide you. Also, remember to think about how your work affects others. Use your skills to help make the world better and more sustainable.







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