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Environmental engineering

Fichtner provides specialist environmental services to new and operational projects to ensure their compliance with legislation and minimise environmental impact

Fichtner offers a range of bespoke environmental engineering and advisory services to complement our project delivery capabilities. Our team has extensive experience working closely with clients and regularity authorities to develop expert environmental solutions for large complex projects.


Fichtner’s environmental team applies technical experience and practical knowledge enabling us to manage all environmental factors affecting the feasibility, design and delivery of our projects. Our team has a clear understanding of the regulatory regime and environmental legislation in the UK and Ireland, and has worked with regulatory authorities to gain an excellent awareness of local planning and permitting requirements. Our team is equipped with the latest IT systems for representation, analysis and assessment of environmental simulations, such as flue gas dispersion models. Fichtner’s core values promote the generation of a positive impact on the global environment, and our understanding of the wider elements of construction projects contributes greatly to our ability to achieve our client’s environmental requirements.


Fichtner has provided a variety of environmental engineering services for industry, developers, and local authority clients. Our roles have included the following:

  • Expert Witness at Public Inquiries into planning applications and appeals.
  • Assisting clients in undertaking strategic site searches and identifying sites for development.
  • Advice on planning applications and the need for Environmental Impact Assessments and supporting specialist studies.
  • Management of the planning application process, including all necessary surveys, environmental statements, stakeholder management and risk assessments.
  • Completion, submission and negotiation of Environmental Permit applications plus any relevant supporting studies.
  • Development of Heat Plans, including identification of heat users and negotiation with potential heat users, as required under planning and Environmental Permit.
  • Detailed dispersion modelling of process and transport related emissions including analysis of design and layout to determine suitable stack heights for process emissions.
  • Completion, submission and negotiation of other environmental authorisations, including Trade Effluent Consents, Abstraction Licences, Discharge Consents.
  • Carbon foot printing and the development and implementation of Carbon Management Plans.


  • Project Management

    Fichtner has extensive experience in project managing construction, refurbishment, conversion, and upgrade of a diverse range of process, energy conversion, and power generation projects.

  • Due diligence

    Fichtner is renowned for its technical due diligence capabilities, with a comprehensive track record of successfully supporting the funding, acquisition, sale and refinancing of many of the UK’s most complex conventional and renewable power generation and process facilities.

  • Engineering Services

    From concept to operation, Fichtner has a diverse offering of engineering services and works alongside its clients to create expert technical solutions and deliver commercially successful engineering projects.

  • Environmental engineering

    Fichtner offers a range of bespoke environmental engineering and advisory services to complement our project delivery capabilities in the UK and Ireland.

  • Operations & Maintenance

    Building on our extensive knowledge of the construction of thermal power and process plants, combined with our experience gained from operational plants, Fichtner offers exceptional O&M support to our clients.

  • Health & Safety

    Fichtner provides services in all aspects of construction and engineering health and safety legislation and industry best practice in the UK.

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