Fichtner was appointed as the Technical Advisor for one of the UK’s largest water source heat pump projects which will heat a 217,000 m2 glasshouse. The project was developed by AGR Renewables and backed by Greencoat Capital, whose £86M fundraise was completed in February 2021. The construction phase began immediately.

The ideal growing environment will be created by using heat pumps to utilise water from both existing and proposed local reservoirs. A combined heat and power (CHP) plant will provide the electricity to power the heat pumps, while CO2 emissions from the CHPs will be transferred back to the glasshouses to accelerate the growth of the plants. The glasshouse complex will have an area of 217,000 m2, the equivalent to more than 30 football pitches.

Our services included:

  • Review of Planning permissions and the requirement for an Environmental Permit
  • Review any other permits and consents required to install and operate the proposed installations
  • A review of the proposed technical solution and heat model
  • Review the design options for the site’s high voltage (HV) network and advise on the most appropriate solution
  • Assessment of the RHI application, as well as timetable feasibility
  • Assessment of technical inputs to the financial model
  • Review of delivery of CO2