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Operations & Maintenance

Fichtner's process knowledge and experience provides clients with unparalleled technical support during plant operation

Building on our extensive knowledge of thermal power and process plants construction, combined with our experience gained from operational plants, Fichtner offers exceptional operational and maintenance support to our clients. Our technical knowledge and expertise can assist in optimising plant operation and maintenance and improving plant performance.


For more than 20 years, Fichtner has supported clients on plant refurbishments and process improvements at existing facilities. In additional to building our own skills and systems, Fichtner has recruited a mixture of experienced engineers who have either been contractors or who have operated plants. By combining these elements, our team can provide clients with an ongoing support in partnership with their own operating teams.

Our main focus is to provide specialist technical support to assist with larger internal projects such as outages or modification, and ensuring best practise maintenance regimes. We offer the market an advisory service which complements the client’s operating team and which provides experience gained from other power and process plants.


Fichtner can support client operating teams in the following areas:

  • troubleshooting of operational issues;
  • management of defect rectification;
  • setting up and monitoring of key performance indicators;
  • establishing and implementing Reliability Centred Maintenance (RCM) strategies;
  • providing specialist condition monitoring services;
  • benchmarking performance against other similar plants;
  • management of plant outages;
  • identification and delivery of plant improvements;
  • benchmarking and auditing of maintenance systems.


  • Project Management

    Fichtner has extensive experience in project managing construction, refurbishment, conversion, and upgrade of a diverse range of process, energy conversion, and power generation projects.

  • Due diligence

    Fichtner is renowned for its technical due diligence capabilities, with a comprehensive track record of successfully supporting the funding, acquisition, sale and refinancing of many of the UK’s most complex conventional and renewable power generation and process facilities.

  • Engineering Services

    From concept to operation, Fichtner has a diverse offering of engineering services and works alongside its clients to create expert technical solutions and deliver commercially successful engineering projects.

  • Environmental engineering

    Fichtner offers a range of bespoke environmental engineering and advisory services to complement our project delivery capabilities in the UK and Ireland.

  • Operations & Maintenance

    Building on our extensive knowledge of the construction of thermal power and process plants, combined with our experience gained from operational plants, Fichtner offers exceptional O&M support to our clients.

  • Health & Safety

    Fichtner provides services in all aspects of construction and engineering health and safety legislation and industry best practice in the UK.

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