The offshore wind farm is being developed, to be constructed and operated by a leading offshore wind farm developer and is located within UK territorial waters, approximately 15km offshore. The wind farm site covers an area of approximately 39.7 km² and is situated in water depths of up to 17m.

Fichtner’s technical review is focused on the following key areas;

  • planning and environmental consents;
  • energy yield including internal and external wake loss assessment;
  • construction contracts covering balance of plant and turbine supply;
  • turbine technology and foundation review, O&M contracts;
  • vessel and port logistics;
  • maintenance regime; and and OFTO asset interface risks.

Fichtner also reviewed the financial model assumptions and provide technical input to the client.

The wind farm is capable of generating up to 250MW of clean, environmentally sustainable electricity. This is enough power for approximately 80,000 homes.