The Kent Renewable Energy plant is a combined heat and power (CHP) biomass facility utilising locally sourced wood to generate sustainable heat and energy. The CHP plant generates around 27MW of electricity to supply the close by Discovery Park, and exports surplus directly to the national grid for the use of homes and businesses across the region.

Fichtner was engaged to provide Owner’s Engineer and CDM advisory services, during the design, construction and commissioning stages of the project.

Our support has included:

  • Documentation of the management arrangements to ensure the construction works were carried out safely, and with adequate planning time and resources
  • Advising and assisting with safety, environmental compliance, and compliance with requirements under the Planning Permission or the Environmental Permit for the site
  • ¬†Attending HAZCON and HAZOP meetings and ensuring agreed follow-ups were met
  • ¬†Establishing appropriate cost management tools and procedures
  • Auditing of Site Safety Procedures, Verification of Site Safety and monitoring compliance with Health and Safety requirements
  • Full time site representation
  • Witnessing of Off-Site Tests and Inspections
  • Providing post-take-over monitoring and supervisory tasks during the two-year Defects Liability period

Now fully operational, the plant can provide up to 50,000 homes with energy and helps to avoid 100,000 tons of CO2 each year. Post commissioning, our team were further engaged to support the development of a new heat offtake scheme linked with the CHP plant, including private wire connection and process control support.