Allerton Park is a combined EfW, MT and AD facility, designed to treat residual municipal waste. The plant processes approximately 320,000 tpa of waste residuals, broken down into three different streams – c.250,000 tpa household residual waste, c.40,000tpa HWRC waste; and c.30,000 tpa C&I waste. Approximately 260,000 tpa of waste is processed through the mechanical and biological treatment plant (MBT); with around 60,000 tpa being treated directly in the EfW plant.

In our role as Owner’s Engineer and as technical support, we provided the parallel management of the four separate design and build contracts split into;

  • civil and building works;
  • MT Plant;
  • AD Plant;
  • EfW Plant packages.

The AWRP facility is an highly innovative waste management facility, combining mechanical, biological and thermal treatment technologies in a single integrated facility. This allows the maximum value to be extracted from the residual waste input, extracting the maximum amount of recyclable material, producing renewable energy, and also providing a secure disposal route for the remaining waste to maximise landfill diversion.