The Ardley Energy Recovery Facility can treat 300,000 tpa of residual waste from the Oxfordshire area, diverting 95% of the region’s waste from landfill. The facility generates 24 MWe, sufficient to power 30,000 homes.

Our services included;

  • Technical due diligence;
  • Specification development;
  • Assessment of tenders;
  • Support for negotiations with shortlisted contractors;
  • Owners Engineer;
  • Full time site attendance;
  • CDM Advisory.

The architectural form of the Ardley ERF was chosen to replicate a dinosaurs footprint, as some of the finest fossilised dinosaur trackways ever found in Europe, left by Megalosaurus and Cetiosaurs, have been discovered on Ardley Quarry floor. In addition, the visitor centre on site has the ‘Megawattosaurus’, a life-size model dinosaur created entirely using waste materials.