Fichtner led a team of engineering, planning, environmental, rail, geotechnical and communications consultants as part of a multi-disciplinary team to deliver a range of professional services during the development phase of the biomass power plant project. Our services included;

  • preparation of the scoping report and DCO application;
  • environmental and geotechnical surveys;
  • communications and public relations advise;
  • public consultations;
  • Front End Engineering Design including rail sidings, biomass unloading facilities, materials handling and storage systems, boiler, power island, flue gas treatment systems, civils and site infrastructure;
  • design of environmental mitigation schemes, including air quality, flood mitigation and visual screening.

Centrica ceased the development of the project at the end of 2012 as a part of a wider corporate strategy.

To undertake the FEED study, Fichtner assembled a world class engineering team from across the Fichtner Group, plus selected UK specialist organisations. Had the project gone ahead, it would have been one of the world’s largest biomass fired power stations.