The Eascroft EfW Plant, based in Nottingham, takes 160,000 tpa of non-hazardous waste for treatment. The plant raises steam for the production of hot water which is piped around Nottingham in one of the UK’s largest district heating schemes. The plant was put into operation in 1973, and therefore required considerable upgrade and redesign to enable it to meet the requirements of new environmental legislation.

As Project Manager for the compliance upgrade and refurbishment of the existing streams our role included;

  • production of the Environmental Permit for the plant;
  • design and specification of all upgrade works;
  • specification and procurement of all engineering works packages;
  • project management of the replacement of water tube walls of the first pass;
  • project Management of the Inconel cladding of water tube walls above refractory;
  • project management of the replacement superheater and second pass hopper;
  • detailed design and project management of the replacement of the evaporator sections;
  • project management of the refurbishment of the flue gas treatment plant;
  • project management of the replacement of the grate hydraulic power packs and upgrading to plc control;
  • re-engineering of combustion air and combustion control systems;
  • project management of the installation of SNCR for NOx abatement.

All work was carried out under a multiple contract procurement arrangement.

Fichtner has had a long history of supporting the upgrade and refurbishment of the Eastcroft EfW plant, and ensuring its performance is in line with the strict environmental legislation. The EfW facility does not generate any electricity, instead the steam generated by the plant is delivered via a pipeline to a wide range of customers across Nottingham, including 4,600 domestic premises in the city, as well as public buildings.