Eggborough Power Station is a predominantly coal fired power plant that has been operational since 1967. The site has some capacity for co-firing with a small amount of biomass. The site has been earmarked for conversion to 100% biomass to be delivered by rail. This will require plant modifications as well as a new fuel handling and storage facilities.

Fichtner initially performed a detailed review to assess the bankability of FEED studies completed by two contractors focussing on;

  • facility design;
  • predicted plant performance;
  • construction contracts and schedule;
  • environmental impacts;
  • and the financial model technical assumptions and sensitivities.

Fichtner continues to support the project and has drafted EPC specifications for the plant.

Fichtner worked extensively with EPL in the development and assessment of its plans to convert the coal fired power station to biomass firing. The project combined Fichtner’s considerable skills in both coal and biomass fired power stations, with a particular emphasis on the material handling challenges of such a project.