We provided technical due diligence on the five biomass plants and two windfarms. The main biomass fuels are currently poultry litter, straw, meat and bone meal (MBM), horse bedding and forest woodchips. EPR also owns and operates Fibrophos Limited which produces and distributes fertiliser products derived from the ash produced from the biomass power stations.

Fichtner provided detailed technical due diligence on each of the assets. We also provided additional in-depth analysis of;

  • the biomass market;
  • fuel supply chain;
  • residue offtake arrangements.

Our work supported the sale of EPR, one of the UK’s leading independent generators of renewable energy, with a portfolio of generating assets with a total net installed capacity of 174MW and encompasses biomass, wind and landfill gas assets. It is the largest independent biomass-only fueled power station portfolio in the UK, consisting of five biomass power stations with a total net installed capacity of 111.1 MW.