The 10MW Kilroot Array uses the Advancion® 4 energy storage solution, a complete, battery based alternative to peaking power plants. Fichtner performed a technical due diligence review of the array on behalf of the key project investor.

The array utilises over 53,000 batteries arranged in 136 separate nodes and enhances grid reliability by providing fast response ancillary services (such as frequency regulation) as part of the system operator’s existing Harmonised Ancillary Services system.

As Lenders Technical Adviser our key roles were to review;

  • Round trip battery efficiency
  • Capacity
  • Response time
  • Charging/discharge time
  • Implications for harmonics
  • System load flows
  • Fault currents
  • Specifications for the batteries, inverters and BESS control system

We also reviewed the current market and policy frameworks to evaluate the viability and suitability of this technology for the local energy market. Fichtner is highly active in the development and delivery of future networks, ‘smart grid’ and storage technologies, revolutionising the UK power supply network by balancing the demands of the grid and the renewable electricity generated.