The Mersey Bioenergy Project is a waste wood biomass CHP plant located in Widnes. The plant design includes for an inclined grate for the combustion of waste wood chips, a water-tube steam-raising boiler and superheater, a steam turbine generator for the production of electricity and a flue gas cleaning system to ensure compliance with the Industrial Emissions Directive (IED).

During project development we provided full technical due diligence to the investors. Our key roles during construction, commissioning and hand-over include;

  • Lenders Technical Adviser;
  • Owners Engineer;
  • Full time site attendance;
  • CDM Advisory

The project will be the largest waste wood renewable energy plant in the North West of England. Over its lifetime, the project is estimated to save around 1.3m tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions and produce enough electricity to power the equivalent of 35,000 homes.