Fichtner has been appointed as the Engineer for the construction of the largest battery installation in Europe. The project is backed by the China Huaneng Group and has signed an offtake agreement with Shell (Limejump). The developer Penso Power has already announced plans to expand the capacity even further to 150 MW.

Construction commenced with early civil works starting in December 2019. The balance of plant (BoP) and contestable works for the projects were delivered under a separate contract to the battery supply agreement.

Fichtner acted as Engineer as defined in the FIDIC Yellow Book, for the balance of plant contract. Our services included;

  • Design review pre-financial close
  • Construction monitoring, proportional to the intensity of site activity and technical risk.
  • Project interface management for the BoP contract and battery supply.
  • Liaison with project stakeholders; IDNO, DNO, battery supplier, contractors, developer, investors.
  • Delivery inspections for major equipment, including inverters, transformers and battery containers.
  • Provision of specialist discipline engineers, during installation, to monitor quality.
  • More intensive site support during commissioning, handover and snagging.
  • Monthly reporting, construction milestone sign-off, and assessment of claims and disputes