Peterborough Energy from Waste plant treats up to 85,000 tonnes per annum of MSW. The project includes for the demolition of an existing recycling centre and the construction of a new building with associated drainage, security fencing and gates, access roads and hardstandings.

The building houses process equipment including feed hoppers, waste and service cranes, incinerator, steam turbine and generator, compressed air systems, fire suppression equipment, building services including lighting and ventilation. Ancillary structures including a stack, electrical substation and in and out weighbridges.

Fichtner acted as Owner’s Engineer throughout the construction and commissioning of the plant including:

  • full time site attendance;
  • CDM advisory;
  • Principal Designer;
  • electrical engineering design services including the site substation.

The Peterborough EfW project is a state of the art development, highly compact in its design, but achieving efficiency levels which have not been achieved with comparable sized plants. The plant utilises a bespoke water and air-cooled ‘DynaGrate’ machine and is the first to be installed in the UK.