P&G are looking to minimise the environmental impact of its operations at the Thurrock plant which produces detergents and soaps for the UK market, and secure the long term future of P&G as a major employer in the region.

This will be achieved by building a new Biomass CHP Plant, which will produce heat and power for the P&G facility by gasifying non-recyclable waste wood, with the potential to produce around 15MW of electricity per year – enough to supply the entire P&G facility and export any excess to the national grid.

Fichtner completed a feasibility study reviewing;

  • Incentives assessment and application support;
  • The P&G plant power and heat requirements;
  • Available technologies and contractors;
  • Biomass fuel analyses and availability;
  • Development of the commercial basis for the project;
  • Layout and 3D plant development;
  • Procurement support;
  • Planning and permitting and cost savings.

We supported P&G with the procurement of a contractor to deliver the plant.

The West Thurrock Energy Plant is the first power project for P&G in the UK to help achieve its aim to power all our plants with 100% renewable energy. The biomass CHP plant is sized to produce 120,000 MWhs in electricity per year – enough to supply the P&G facility for the whole year.