NGESO’s Stability Pathfinder 2 sought solutions to provide short-circuit level and inertia in Scotland. Feasibility studies were required to ensure they met technical specifications. We supported various confidential clients with dynamic simulations for 108 solutions of different sizes and technologies at several 275kV and 400kV substations in line with NGESO requirements and assessment criteria.

Working for various clients, Fichtner has provided the following services;

  • Dynamic simulations for synchronous condenser, grid-forming converter, and hybrid solutions
  • Simulations of fault ride-through, retained voltage and temporary overvoltage events
  • Simulations of frequency and rate of change of frequency events
  • Simulations of voltage angle change events
  • Simulations of combined frequency and voltage events
  • Multiple fault ride through simulations
  • Extensive reporting and result analysis to meet NGESO assessment criteria; and
  • Discussions with solution providers to optimise performance
  • Technical assessment of over 100 solutions across 12 locations

Fichtner has provided extensive modelling and reporting of 108 technical solutions to NGESO’s complicated methodologies and requirements. Solutions have passed the technical feasibility stage and Fichtner is continuing to provide ongoing support through commercial tendering and project development.