The Trafford Low Carbon Energy Park, owned by Carlton Power, aims to integrate renewable energy on a regional scale through a combination of energy generation and grid electricity and various energy storage technologies. The development features:

  • Green hydrogen production facility
  • Li-ion battery energy storage scheme
  • Liquid air storage plant in partnership with Highview

Fichtner is providing technical support in the development of the hydrogen hub which includes production of hydrogen using electrolyser technology. Our team has assessed the technical and economic feasibility of the project, taking into account key factors such as input power price, input power source, volume of storage, CAPEX and OPEX. We have also developed an electrolyser system specification with returnable schedules as part of the early phase of electrolyser procurement.

As part of this project, our consultants delivered:

  • Concept design and optimisation report
  • Overview of model inputs and outputs
  • Plan view of the site layout, including vehicle tracking movements