Fichtner produced a report to present the forecasted usage of infrastructure at sites for the next five years. The report draws on data and information from other sites to predict the uptake of electric vehicles in the UK, taking into consideration various grants, benefits and legislation. Within the discussion section of the report, Fichtner presents the different types of electric vehicle that users of the building may want to charge, how these are charged and the considerations that need to be taken into account.

Services included:

  • Provision of information on the EV market, current projections and forecasts, legislation, etc
  • Fichtner carried out site surveys & investigations
  • Fichtner surveyed site users to understand the habits and likely take up of EVs on this site
  • Fichtner engaged with the local distribution network operators to understand the connection requirements
  • Fichtner built a costing model to provide the client with costs for the infrastructure
  • Fichtner reviewed different infrastructure (hardware and software options)

When considering the infrastructure requirements of the sites, it was key for Fichtner to survey various aspects of the site. Another important part of this report was to assist The Emerson Group in fully understanding the technical aspects of electric vehicle charging, its associated infrastructure, its capabilities, and the limiting factors. This was to allow The Emerson Group the ability to make fully informed decisions, with respect to what charging infrastructure, if any, and the best method by which to complete this project.