Fitchner acted as Owner’s and Lender’s technical advisor for the Wrexham PFI waste contract. Financial close successfully achieved in March 2007.

Phase 1 of the project involved Fichtner acting as Project Manager of the multiple procurement contract for the construction of a suite of facilities which included:

  • Two CA sites
  • In-vessel composting of bio-waste (ABPR compliant)
  • MRF for dry recyclables
  • Bulking and baling facilities
  • Transfer station for residual municipal waste Construction was completed in April 2009.

Fichtner carried out feasibility and technical support during the development of phase 2 of the Wrexham waste management solution, which comprises an MBT consisting of two parts:

  • a mechanical treatment facility which will separate the residual waste fraction of household waste, which has not already been recycled, and;
  • a biological treatment facility which would then bio-dry the remaining waste materials to produce a solid recovered fuel.

Fichtner’s role included maximum throughput tonnage assessment, MBT layout development, external layout development, and production of building elevation drawings for submission as part of the planning application.