We support the delivery of projects that convert biomass feedstocks to power, heat, biomethane, and sustainable transportation fuels

Our experience helps us provide a wide range of services across all phases of bioenergy projects, from inception and feasibility assessment, to project development, financing, design and construction management, and due diligence. We are also well versed in working on a variety of biomass feedstocks, such as agricultural wastes, energy crops, biogenic fractions of waste, and wood fuels.

Our consultants have been involved in projects that upgrade biomethane for injection into the has grid and use for transport fuel, biomass combined heat and power (CHP), and bioenergy carbon capture and storage (BECCS) solutions.

Our bioenergy experience includes:

  • Proven capability to support successful delivery of bioenergy projects
  • Operational experience across all technologies and biomass fuel types
  • In depth knowledge of renewable energy subsidy schemes
  • Working knowledge of key technology providers
  • Strong capability to support project development, procurement, and financing
  • A proven track record in securing the necessary permits and licenses required for construction and operation
  • Wide experience in construction and commissioning
  • Robust operations and maintenance support
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Key contact

Ian Froggatt Bioenergy Lead